The people who bring you YCTV

YCTV was created by a talented group of on-line marketing professionals at Evanston, Illinois based Strategic Internet Marketing Partners. This Internet team was putting a variety of innovative products and services to work for their hotel clients, helping them enhance their online marketing presence. This included interactive mapping, video, and hot new cellular phone messaging capabilities.

Individually, each of these tools proved successful. But the team identified another opportunity -- to combine all of these technologies into one powerhouse of a product for the hospitality and destination marketing industries. They set out to create the ability for a hotel to showcase its location in a market relative to nearby restaurants, shopping and local attractions, increasing the value of it’s website experience and improving online conversion.

Then they made the product available on property, providing on-line concierge-type services available 24/7, offering guests not only access to information, but to special promotional coupons and offers, increasing loyalty and guest satisfaction. And just as importantly, they created a powerful new advertising platform that helps drive incremental hotel guest business to restaurants, businesses and attractions.

Welcome to YCTV!

Strategic Internet Marketing Partners