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Looking to have your restaurant, store, theater, venue or attraction listed on YCTV? Want to place an ad on YCTV? Looking to place a promotion or offer on YCTV that can be downloaded to a hotel guest’s mobile phone?

Get listed. Get plotted. Add your video.
Promote a special offer.
Add a reservations link.
Put all your locations on the map! Send coupons to cell phones

Tracking Your Activity

The great thing about YCTV is that every element of the program is trackable. For every option utilized, our on-line reporting tells you exactly how it performed:

  1. YCTV map views from a hotel website
  2. YCTV map views on property
  3. Category "opens" (i.e. restaurants, landmarks, theaters)
  4. Clicks on your listing
  5. Video views
  6. Phone calls generated (including origin and duration of call)
  7. Number of times the "bubble info" is text messaged to a cell phone
  8. Number of times a mobile discount or offer is sent to a cell phone
  9. Clicks to advertiser’s website
  10. Clicks to call to action (i.e. links to "purchase tickets" or "make a reservation")
  11. Tracking viral component (e-mails and text msgs)

YCTV is affordable and signing up is easy. Advertise with us


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